Course curriculum

    1. Ideal Day Meditation

    2. Vision Workshop Using Canva

    3. Life Audit Workshop

    4. Boundaries Workshop

    5. Planning Lesson 1

    6. Planning Lesson 2

    7. Planning Lesson 3

    1. Alexis Jane - Cracking your fear codes

    1. Standard operating procedures

    1. video1776456954

About this course

  • $3,500.00
  • 10 lessons
  • 6 hours of video content

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Bonus material

Your success is our success which is why we are providing over $25000 worth of support

  • Weekly Coaching Calls

    $20000 value

    Weekly there are group coaching calls available for you brainstorm, share, celebrate, vent, what ever you need! These are implementation session where we can dive into your marketing, content, website, numbers - what ever you need!

  • Tech Library

    $5000 value

    Each week we are building out the tech library based off your questions! Things coming soon include; - Navigating wordpress, thinkific, canva - any software you need.

  • Facebook Community


    We have a wonderful Facebook community providing support, feedback, accountability and lots of fun!

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